Reflection of Shoot #1

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to visit new, different envionments and locations to capture imagery.

I decided to capture an array of on-the-go shots in the car as well as stopping at various parts of the journey to gain an alternative perspective from that of ones in the car. What I have learnt from this experience is that although you select a fast shutter speed, e.g. 1/125th of a second, and a high ISO, due to the nature and speed of which the car is travelling, the imagery can still suffer from motion blur, which produces a panning effect.

On reflection of these images, these photographs are aesthetically interesting, however due to the lack of control that you as a photographer have over a landscape environment for example – you cannot move buildings accordingly to your preference, and you are limited by structures such as pathways and roads, I unfortunately photographically felt constrained and unable to successfully or effectively express anything of value.

Perhaps, this is not the correct approach to undertake for this project, the idea of photographing whilst on-the-go, it could be argued that my photographic practice requires a much more regimented, careful approach where I can have more control over what the resulting photograph will look like.



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