Photo-Shoot #2 Edits & Reflection.

Upon reflection of photo-shoot 2, concerned with exploring the use of infrared photography within the landscape.

The idea was strong as I have had previous experience with utilising a screw-on filter, however upon upgrading my camera kit and the lenses, the filter no longer fits. Therefore I purchased a filter which screws onto a mount, unfortunately the infrared strength is not as strong as anticipated. Furthermore as visible from the images on the contact sheets, some images suffer from light-leaks; this issue never occurred with the previous filter, but is now something that I am aware of.

The photographs collectively are aesthetically strong, the conversion to black and white is interesting and at this moment in time, the exploration of infrared within the landscape in relation to my passion and enjoyment for the infrared process is hopefully reflected within my edits and work generally.

I feel that to progress, I should continue exploring different locations, to see what these locations evoke conceptually and emotionally.


This photograph is beginning to move away from the traditional landscape. It is beginning to effectively explore and express myself.



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