Printing Workshop 13/3/17

This was a hugely beneficial experience, where we had the wonderful opportunity to experiment with other paper stocks, broadening our horizons away from the simple : Gloss, Lustre, Matt papers.

Shot of the different papers samples experimented with and a visual comparison between the different base-white varities.

I took advantage of this printing workshop which was provided and experimented with all the papers which were available:

  • Permajet titanium – 280gsm.
  • Permajet portrait white – 285gsm.
  • Permajet fibre based gold silk – 315gsm.
  • Permajet fibre based distinction – 320gsm.
  • Permajet Oyster – 271gsm.
  • Permajet fibre based satin – 310gsm.

From this workshop I feel both positive and confident about how to use fine-art medium/papers to print successfully.  I have developed further independently, knowing now how to carefully load the fine art papers into professional printers, so if I decided to print images in the future for the exhibition, or otherwise, I have developed knowledge and practical experience in doing this.

Upon reflection, the paper stocks which successfully strengthened the photograph I captured are: Titanium and Portrait White.

Titanium is effective as the metallic, textured surface of the paper holds the colour pigments extremely well and compliments the work most successfully in my opinion, out of the collection of papers tested today.

Portrait white is also effective, as a matt paper, shadows are softened and the surface of the paper in my opinion adds more definition and texture to a photograph; when compared to more glossy mediums, the shadows are deeper and more apparent.

On completion of today’s session I have ordered a Permajet sample paper pack which contains a variety of different paper stocks. This sample pack also includes a swatch of a huge variety of paper bases that permajet sell, ranging from museum papers, digital transfer film to canvas bases. It is good to have a visual of what the papers look like, the textures they possess as well as the actual colour of the paper (the whites) as depending on the base paper, which can either have a warming or cooling effect, depending on the off-white of the paper will consequently have a dramatic effect or impact on your final print.

-Update- Permajet sample swatch arrived…thoroughly pleased, there is such a vast, extensive range!



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