Poem 1:

Today the wind howls through the branches of the trees

They continuously rattle as if they sense an uncertainty.

The ground is green and fresh with dew

There are obstacles disrupting the beautiful view.

Standing upon the earthy ground

A dragging sensation pulls me down

The world begins to fragment.


Poem 2:

Today the sky is grey

The time is midday

As the day turns to nightfall

The forest trees begin to sprawl

The pathway which I am walking has become unclear

Whilst the trees surrounding me begin to groan and whirr


A sudden gust pushes me off

So far from home

I feel so lost.


Poem 3:

Today the alkaline green land

the damp grass floor

So much detail

A beauty unrecognised before


In that moment, an appreciation

From the heart, through my body and being

Embrace on the hike

The wonderful nature and

The warmth of sunlight


Revelling in this opportunity of peace and quiet

I felt a heaviness in the air

It was darkened clouds

Rolling towards angry thunder


Despite this changing weather

How the earth is full of beauty and complexity

I shall always wonder.


Poem 4:

Today the reeds were standing tall

When I tripped, and took that unfortunate fall

But not down that rabbit hole

As that kid, Alice did


Instead the reality for me was hard concrete

Any safety net to cushion the fall was gone

Standing up and brushing myself down

Innocence vanished upon that ground


It was time to stand tall and strong

Taking it in my stride

In this game we call life, there is no place to hide


Amongst the bouts of confusion

It began to emerge the disappointment

I was feeling was a result of



Poem 5:

Today the branches fell from the trees

They were brittle and the strong smell of manure

Blew towards me on the chilly breeze


Overhead there was a flock of American Geese

I wondered where it was they were going

Perhaps to the east?


Being encompassed and surrounded

By the natural environment

Helps me feel strong and grounded


The jury was out it was left to the attorney

To decide where it is we are going

On this rollercoaster



Poem 6:

Today walking through the dense undergrowth

Someone was passing through the clearing

Quickening my pace without interfering

I saw how happy they were and so unfearing


The sunlight was dancing in the sky above

Serenading the plants in warmth and love

Whilst the clouds were whispering

I was listening

They were picturing a world of joy and contentment

I could not agree more with this statement, to make someone

Happy is a positive achievement


The weeping Willow sings a soothing melody

Whistling words such as

‘This is your destiny’.



Poem 7:

Today the rippling water stopped

It no longer churned or chopped

Against the steep river bank


Someone had pulled the plug

And the nearby land began to sink

Trying to move forward quickly

Was like walking on an ice rink


The surrounding plants and trees began to fail

Crashing to the ground I saw them flail and wail

All that now remains is a trail

Of deforestation as there is nothing left

Of that once stable foundation


No matter how often you fall

You are never alone and should

Never have to



Poem 8:

Today the air was fresh

Not a cloud in the sky yet

The yellow Daffodils were performing

A hypnotising dance


If I ever had the chance

To go back in time and tell my former self

To place all my fears and worries upon

The highest shelf


If you think about all the worries and


It is bad for your health and is a wasted energy


Sometimes life can feel like you are walking

A tightrope

But no matter the difficulties

Never lose



Poem 9:

Today the sun was shining through the trees

The breeze was rustling

Amongst the autumn leaves


Arriving at the quiet pond

It was a perfect moment to sit and wonder

What it would be like under

The sky at night in the open

I sent a silent prayer

In which I am hoping

To see the world and all its glory

Add more chapters to the story

To be thankful for all the spaces

The hidden nature within these places


I understand now that it is our duty

To look after the earth and its natural



Poem 10:

Today I reflect upon my childhood

The London tower blocks

And concrete neighbourhood


How I loved the framework

Of the metal playground

Or the underground tube travel which

My mam and I would network


However in my thoughts it would never compare

To the autumn leaves

Your sweet brown hair


Or when we would visit Dunstable Downs

To eat ice cream, seeing the gliders

Spiralling around


Although we visit there no longer

My connectivity to nature only grew



Just a snippet of some of the stories

We have shared together

Our memories.

Poem 11:

Today I awake from the slumber

Stepping into a universe, it was summer?

Yet the air was cool

The fog was low


It quickly turned dark

That squawking Crow

Flying overhead and circling around

I was always looking up but never down


I lost my footing

And fell into a river

The water was cold, very deep

I started to quiver


My body did not feel like mine

But one that was borrowed

It was too late I was out of time


I never did return to the same slumber

The following night, or the night after

I had lost track of the number

Of times, I would sit awake and worry

About the unknown

Reality blurry


There is a way to face the fears

But for me, I choose tears

In my mind at night I am screaming

Or am I awake and this is only dreaming?


Poem 12:

Today I walked outside into the wild

Taking a deep breath in

I smiled


This is a place where I find peace

It is the missing part to the puzzle

Within this haven there is no trouble

An escape from the daily strains in this bubble


Admiring the variations of forest trees

Or the gentle buzzing of the bees

Inhaling the fresh scent of spring flowers

I happily could stay here for hours


For those who visit nature find relief

If not, you should, no matter how brief


All of the colours and textures are glorious

Being in the quiet outdoors is the perfect



Poem 13:

Today sat upon a log

A wonderful place for an internal monologue

The water was running past me down the stream

The sun would make the water glisten and gleam


The path was winding on

Before I knew it, the day was almost done

The views around me were so beautiful to the eye

My heightened senses intensify

A passion for the outdoors

The freedom to walk even through the torrential downpours


The gift for this life I cannot ignore

Because life can change

In a blink, no more


Being alone with my thoughts encourages a projection

With so many thoughts and feelings

This is my reflection.


Poem 14:

Today the hill was steep the path was long

To succeed you must be physically and mentally strong

Despite the battles on a daily basis

To get up, face the day and soldier on is undoubtedly a sign of braveness


There will be many times that the road is long and the sky is dark

You just have to remember that invisible anchor

Will pull you above out of the deep waters

Back into the safety of the ark


Whatever will happen shall soon pass

Try not to worry about the future or regret the past

Live your life to the full and achieve success

To have a life on this earth we are truly blessed.


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