Book Production #1.

Breakthrough book.

I received the first copy of my photographic book from Blurb in the post today. I thoroughly feel the book is effective in terms of book layout, image quality and use of text as well as being successful in compiling a wide range of my work in an order which expresses my thoughts and feelings in such a manner which is ordered and accompanied by text.

However, in the introduction I would realise that there was a major typing error.

Typing error in book

Throughout the book, some of the images appeared twice, as the images are so detailed it can be confusing in recognising which image you have previously seen; despite proof-reading multiple times. On further research on Blurb’s website, I have been enlightened to find that Blurb do not proof read and work but rather they print what has been submitted, as well as that Blurb will not accept any returns as a result of typing errors. Furthermore, being unfamiliar with the ‘Book Wright’ program which Blurb offer, the navigations and options of the program in my opinion are confusing and not very user-friendly.

Image repeated twice.
Image repeated twice.

Learning from this mistake has been a costly one, I rectified the errors which were present within the first copy, have sent this to print and now I am eagerly awaiting its arrival on 24/25th of April, ensuring that somone else has also proof-read the book this time, not just myself.

As the book cost £60 for the large landscape size, this time, upon reflection I chose a standard landscape size book: one with a hardcover for the purpose of my portfolio and a soft cover as I felt a soft cover book would be more easily accessible to those attending the exhibition and decide to view my work. Furthermore a smaller format book (as the large book…is large!) would offer a more intimate, personal experience for the viewer.



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