Preparing the exhibition space

To ensure that the exhibition area was prepared equally and efficiently, we were designated an exhibition space which we were to prepare as if it was our own; this was an enjoyable challenge as we were in charge of sanding the walls, filling in any uneven surfaces and painting the walls. 

Everyone helped each other and collectively we had done the job to a good standard; on completion of preparing the exhibition space, I helped to clean up by brushing up the dust and dirt which had accumulated from the sanding process. It was good to get involved in the team to ensure that everything got completed and no one was singularly burdened with multiple tasks. This experience has enlightened me to understand what you would be required to do if you set up an exhibition in the future, from this experience today I definitely feel confident in either independently or collaboratively preparing an area for exhibition.

I am really looking forward to collecting my photographs tomorrow and hanging the photographs, photo book and business cards on Friday, the exhibition is really coming together nicely and it is really rewarding to feel that the hard work is in fact paying off. 

Preparing Exhibition Space ’20’.
Preparing section ’20’ for the exhibition.


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