Self-Reflection (Final Post).

I felt that on completion of this assignment it is important to reflect on how I have thought the assignment has progressed. Prior to writing my proposal I was uncertain of which direction to explore; the original idea was interested in advertising; however not being entirely sure with the direction that I intended for the work to progress, I decided it would be more beneficial to rethink my ideas — and I have not regretted this decision. I have explored landscape with different ideas and processes, arriving at a high quality, well executed body of photographic work which I can easily explain. The use of image and text has begun the process whereby I can begin to try and express myself in a ways which I, and hopefully others can also understand or relate to.
Furthermore my printing and paper handling has developed significantly, as a result my confidence has increased, I feel indepedent, empowered and in complete control in the printing and paper handling of my photographs, which is a wonderful feeling and experience.
I am pleased with the professional development which has been made on this assignment. However my development is not limited only to university, but the skills and knowledge I am aquiring as well as the photographic series that I am producing can be applied within a professional environment as well as the skills can be built upon in my independent time. I have learnt how prepare photographs for exhibition, when they are framed you need to attach mirror plates to the frames; once this is complete you can begin to measure the space where you intend to hang the photographs. Using a spirit level (which I haven’t before) you accurately ensure that the images will be hanging accurately and straight upon the wall. I am pleased with my knowledge and practical development, here are some examples of my work now …
Exhibition hung on in the Novus 17 show.
Exhibition hung on in the Novus 17 show.
Exhibition hung on in the Novus 17 show.
The exhibition is now hung on the wall and awaiting the opening night this Friday. I cannot wait, it is easy to see that many people have tried extremely hard with their photographic projects and this is reflected in their work which is upon the wall.